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"The Lil & Izzy Ultimate Bundle is a curated collection of our ‘must have items.’ It includes our two way zip baby grow which allows for quick & easy changing in less than 90 seconds! The design also includes fold over feet, ensuring baby has lots of room to stretch and grow, as well as no restrictions to their little toes when being worn in a sling or a wrap. This feature helps baby to achieve the natural squat position for ultimate safety and comfort.
Our universal blanket is a winning product in itself! It is compatible with both three or five point harness and it can be used in all car seats and pushchairs. The intelligent design acts as one layer, keeping baby cosy and warm while out and about without the need for bulky clothing. It has been especially popular with parents of babies who have hip dysplasia and need to wear a harness. The design keeps baby cosy & covered without compromising or obstructing the harness.
Also included in the bundle is our signature matching pom pom dribble bib & knotted hat, presented in our re-useable organic cotton draw string bag – making it the perfect gift.
Our ethos & approach to design is simple; creating ‘life changing’ products that are trusted by parents and loved by little ones."


Teetha® Teething Granules is an award winning homeopathic medicinal product used within the homeopathic tradition for the symptomatic relief of teething pain and the symptoms associated with teething which are sore and tender gums, flushed cheeks and dribbling. Each 300mg granules in a sachet contains Chamomilla Recutita (Chamomilla) 6c. Chamomilla is traditionally used in homeopathy to help relieve teething pain. Teetha Granules are available in convenient, single use sachets, which dissolve on the baby's tongue almost instantly. Also available in gel format. Nelsons Teetha Granules can be found in pharmacies and health food stores nationwide. Also available in Dunnes Stores and SuperValu.


"Since 2003, ClevaMama has supplied innovative, time-saving products, helping Mums to meet the daily challenges of parenting. Founded by sisters Suzanne Browne and Martina Craine because their needs as mums, were not being met by the market, their concept of ‘products designed by Mums for Mums’ has won the hearts and minds of parents not just in Ireland, but in the UK, Europe, UAE, and around the world.
ClevaMama sell direct online, and supplies to retail giants Smyths and Mothercare, as well as Independent retailers nationwide.
ClevaMama has grown to become an established, trusted brand, bringing innovative products that always put the parent and child at the core, like the Clevabath, ClevaSleep Pod, and ClevaFoam mattresses and pillows. Developed with Trinity College, Dublin, ClevaFoam is the only product scientifically proven to reduce pressure on the back of a baby’s head by 50% and to increase support by 80%. These products have won numerous awards from parenting platforms and publications who use the ‘tested by Mums’ method to choose their winners.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, ClevaMama remained open, ensuring Mums were able to get those important items they needed for their babies, while many shops were closed. This proved a lifeline to new and expectant Mums who needed to shop for their little ones. Having come through a challenging year, ClevaMama is entering 2021 with a range of new and improved products and designs on the way to delight parents."


Protect your childs immune system with every drop. Vitamin D is essential for strong bones and teeth, and protecting the immune system of babies and toddlers.

Babies under 12 months need vitamin D supplements every day if they are breastfed or have less than 300mls of infant formula per day.
Children aged 1 to 4 need a vitamin D supplement every day for a few months each year, from Halloween to St Patricks Day. (HSE, 2020).

Two tiny drops of these BabyVit Vitamin D3 drops can provide your 0 to 12 months child with their daily dose of 5ug (200 IU) of Vitamin D. These colourless, odourless and tasteless drops can be given directly to your baby or added to food or drink for easier consumption.

Each bottle contains 340 drops, which is the equivalent of an almost 6 month supply of vital Vitamin D for your baby. Vitamin D is vital for your little one's bone health and immune health. The handy dropper applicator allows you to ensure you are supplying the correct dosage to your baby. These drops are a great source of this essential vitamin.


"WaterWipes, a global Irish brand, are the world’s purest baby wipes made with only two ingredients, 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract. Since January 2021 our wipes are 100% biodegradable*. WaterWipes were created by a concerned father looking for a better baby wipe after discovering his newborn suffered from nappy rash and sensitive skin. WaterWipes are one of the best-known and loved baby wipes brands in Ireland, produced in Drogheda, we are proud to say that our wipes are not only 100% biodegradable, plant based and compostable, put also proven to be purer than cotton wool and water, meaning parents no longer have to choose between what’s best for their baby and what’s best for the planet. As the number 1 wipes brand and category leader in Ireland**, with a value share of 30.4%, it’s a further demonstration of how much parents trust our product. To make the world’s purest baby wipes, we use a unique 7 stage water purification process that offers a deeper and more effective clean but remains gentle on the most sensitive skin. WaterWipes knows that parenting isn’t the picture-perfect version you usually see on social media, with no two days the same. At WaterWipes we not only care for baby’s skin but are also dedicated to supporting parents by changing the conversation and bringing honest and open conversations to the forefront. From all stages of pregnancy to birth and beyond we have built a strong community offering support from experts and parents alike.

* Within 12 weeks in an industrial setting/plant in accordance with EN13432. Wipe material. Parents should refer to their local council for details on disposing of baby wipes
**Nielsen Baby Wipes Performance by brand, MAT Value Sales, Period Ending: W 27/12/20"


As parents, we want to make decisions that are best for our babies and best for the world they will inherit. We know we must make more sustainable choices, but we also need our baby products to be practical and fulfil the specific needs of our babies at different points in time.

At Gaia Baby, we believe that sustainability can be achieved in many ways and the journey towards better sustainability is at the core of everything we do with a mission to create baby products that are timeless, practical and beautiful too.

Gaia Baby products are designed with longevity in mind; you need only purchase one product to cover multiple stages. We understand that your needs change as your baby grows, so we design our products to cover different stages and evolving needs. If this can be achieved with the added bonus of classical good looks, what’s not to like?

Where possible, Gaia Baby makes products from renewable resources and aims to ensure their products are recyclable and biodegradable. We work only with suppliers and producers who manufacture in an ethical way. All our products are tested to the highest recognised and trusted global standards.

The official Gaia Baby team is often bolstered by husbands, wives, kids and extended family. From delivery & assembly, product testing, demonstrations, advice and support, our families are core to what we do. At Gaia Baby we can truly say ‘From Our Family To Yours’


Irish owned business, All of our bows are handmade of exceptionally high quality fabrics that were sourced specifically to meet the needs of delicate baby heads and fluffy soft hair. We have tied, and un-tied, and re-tied and basically tied ourselves in knots, to bring you a selection of some of the finest bows available for your little princesses.