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Best Bottle

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Easy Start Anti-Colic 260ml Bottle 2pk

Everyday baby life is made easier with the MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottles. The unique vented base on these bottles reduces colic symptoms in 80%* of babies by regulating pressure balance and airflow, allowing milk to flow undisturbed without air bubbles. This ensures babies can drink calmly and relaxed. These bottles from MAM also feature a SkinSoft- silicone teat that is accepted by 94%** of babies. The silky soft surface of the teat feels just like mum and gets as close to the familiar feeling of breastfeeding as possible. To top it off, these clever self-sterilising bottles can be sterilised in the microwave in as little as 3 minutes, just add water! Perfect for when you are visiting friends or family and helps make travelling with your baby easy, just sterilise as you go, on the go!
*(Field study, Austria 2011, tested with 73 mothers of babies with colic /Market research, USA 2010, tested with 35 mothers of babies with colic)
**(Market research 2009-2023, tested with 1,808 babies.)

tommee tippee Advanced Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

Superior relief: Say goodbye to the discomfort caused by colic with Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic bottles. 95% of babies experience fewer colic symptoms* providing superior performance for parents Innovative technology: Our patented vented wand keeps air away from milk and baby, meaning less air in baby’s tummy and a proven reduction in colic symptoms Comfortable feeding: Our teats are made from soft silicone with a breast-like shape that flexes just like mum. This helps baby get the best latch while reducing air intake and keeping them content with every feed New self-sterilising: Our baby bottles can now be self-sterilised, killing viruses and 99.9% of bacteria***. Simply fill with 50ml of water, replace the teat and cap and heat in the microwave for 3 minutes** 100% leakproof: When the screw ring, teat and cap are all secured, your baby bottle is completely mess-free and leakproof, even if it’s turned upside down or shaken