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Travelling with a baby when weaning – Top 4 Tips!

Aug 24, 2023

Going on holiday can be a mix of emotions at the best of times. You are excited about your upcoming trip but maybe feeling a little overwhelmed about all the things you need to organise to leave. Add a new baby who is weaning into the mix and that can sometimes make that minor stress feel very major.

So, we are here with the help of Lupilu by Lidl to make sure the magic of holidays is not disturbed by unnecessary stress.

Tip 1: Take some of your baby’s favourite snacks/ back up meals with you. Lupilu by Lidl offer an incredible range of organic fruit pouches and snacks like veggie straws. These are perfect for the days when you are on the go and maybe not sure of what food options will be available for your baby.

Tip 2: Plan ahead, have a look at menus at the hotel you are staying in or research shops in your local area that will sell fresh and readymade products for your little one. Lidl stores are also available in most European countries and can offer many of the prepacked and convenient baby dinners. If you’re holidaying in Ireland you’re never too far from your favourite supermarket, with 216 Lidl stores across the country.

Tip 3: Take a few more nappies than usual. As your baby tries new foods, their bowel motions can change leading to a few epic blowouts!!! So, make sure to pack an extra pack of Lupilu premium nappies in your bag so you are not caught off-guard.

Tip: 4: Breathe out and don’t forget the wipes!!!! Weaning can be messy as babies explore this new world. Take the stress out of cleaning and pop a pack of Lupilu Water Wipes Biodegradable in your bag.