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The First Picture

Jul 3, 2024

The First Picture!

How to take the perfect first picture of your baby. This photo will circulate to family and friends near and far. It will be looked back on over the years via the baby book, playschool and school projects. It will be showcased again at graduations and 21st Birthday parties.

You want the picture to be perfect! We have a few tips for you to get the best shot! Firstly, if you are using a new camera, ensure you test it first. Make sure you know how to use the camera and its function. Ensure it is fully charged and has batteries or chargers in the hospital bag. If you are using a smart phone make sure the lens is clean, you have adequate storage and battery is charged.

The 5 Top Tips should help you get the best shot!


Tip 1: Timing is key

The first few days will show a peaceful resting baby before colic or baby acne might creep in. The baby will sleep approx. 16 / 17 hours a day in the first week so there is plenty of opportunities to get a relaxed baby portrait.

Tip 2: Feed Your Baby

Just before you want to take the picture, feed your baby. The baby will be satisfied with no hunger cries during the photo session. If the baby is nursed to sleep they will appear more relaxed in the picture.

Tip 3: Use Natural Light

The daytime light would work best. If you can use as much natural light as possible avoiding dark corners and shady areas. If you can position the baby near a window this is an ideal location for taking pictures.

Tip 4: Co-ordinate Outfits & Bedding

What style of photo do you want to create? Do you want all white or neutral tones? Ensure the baby grow is matching the bedding and any accessories or furniture in the shot is co-ordinated. A simple trick to use a neutral blanket or sheet in the back drop to give the calm feel.

Tip 5: Position

Be careful with your position. Where you are standing taking the photo. Do not stand at the end of the bed and at the baby’s feet. This will result in a bad angle with a picture looking up the baby’s nose. The correct position is to stand directly over the baby. By standing above the baby it will give you a much better angle and it will showcase the baby’s features perfectly!