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Best Sleep Product / Accessory

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Best Sleep Product / Accessory

2024 Nominees

Stratus Mattress Collection, Baby Elegance

Introducing the Baby Elegance Stratus Pocket Spring Cot Mattress - the ultimate choice for your baby's peaceful and comfortable slumber. Crafted with utmost care and precision, this cot bed mattress is designed to provide exceptional support and comfort for your baby's growing body. This baby mattress features an extra soft polyester cover that feels gentle against your baby's delicate skin.

Made for Support
This cot mattress is now equipped with a pocket spring core for improved support and breathability. Each individual spring in this cot bed mattress is carefully encased in its own pocket, ensuring optimal weight distribution and excellent support for your baby's spine. This baby mattress is designed for optimal support.

Eco-Friendly Baby Mattress
This cot bed mattress is also an eco-friendly choice, made with recycled content. The result is a cot mattress that is both environmentally conscious and comfortable for your baby.

A Brand You Can Trust
With over 40 years of experience in crafting top-quality baby mattresses, Baby Elegance gives your little one a peaceful and restful night's sleep with the Stratus Pocket Spring Cot Mattress.

MAM Original Night Soother

Avoid the stubbed toes or bright lights that can disturb your little one, with the MAM Original Night Soothers. The button on these soothers gently glows in the dark making them easy for parents to locate at night-time. With an acceptance rate of 94%*, the SkinSoft- silicone teat is small enough to minimise its impact on oral development while still satisfying baby's sucking needs. The soother shield is designed to provide enough room for little noses and its symmetric shape ensures that it always fits correctly in baby's mouth. The Original Night Soother range features 3 different sizes and is available in a variety of cute designs. Packed in a handy self-sterilising box, these orthodontic soothers can be sterilised in the microwave in as little as 3 minutes, making them a must-have for busy parents.
*(Market research 2010-2023, tested with 1,588 babies.)

Cody the Crab - Ocean Projector, Zazu

Turn your little one’s room into a magical underwater world, with moving waves and fish swimming around the room, while listening to relaxing ocean sounds.

Helps your little one to fall asleep by lowering the animation projected in three stages. Cody automatically shuts off after 30 minutes, meaning you don't have to risk waking your child up to go in and put it off and also has a cry sensor, meaning it will re-activate to help soothe your child back to a peaceful slumber.

Cody projects calming waves with a school of orange fish swimming around the room.

Nite Nite Light & Reiki Sound Machine, ClevaMama

Lull your baby to sleep with the ClevaMama 2 in 1 Nite Nite Light & Sound Machine. This soothing device combines calming light with natural & Reiki sounds to invite sleep and help mask disruptive noises.

The night light provides a comforting ambient light for night feeds and a soothing nightlight for your growing baby.
Warm LED light helps to simulate the sleep hormone, melatonin.
Easy-operate music settings and adjustable volume
Easy press light function to select colour
Handy carry strap
The Nite Nite Light Sound Machine uses Reiki sound therapy and pink/white noise to create a calming atmosphere. Reiki sound promotes deep sleep for growth and development, while natural sounds and pink noise relax your baby:
2 x soundscape/nature sounds
2 x Calming (Reiki)
2 x Sleeping (Reiki)
2 x Healing (Reiki)
1 x pink noise (Mother’s heartbeat)
1 x white noise

Includes Cry Sensor for nighttime wakeups. This smart sensor activates when baby cries, soothing back to sleep.
Set the timer for automatic shut-off tailored to baby's settling time. Adjustable volume lets you control the ambiance.
Pportable and lightweight, with a carry strap for securing to cribs, baskets, and cots. Can also be freestanding.
USB charging lead compatible with most USB points & plugs. Ssustainable and more cost-effective than batteries.

See Pro Baby Monitor, Maxi-Cosi

Maxi-Cosi’s See Pro Baby Monitor is part of our award-winning Connected Home range of smart sensory nursery products that connect via one app.
The Maxi-Cosi See Pro Baby Monitor will notify you on both your phone and on the parent screen as soon as your baby cries, when there is movement or when temperature and humidity changes occur in the nursery. The See Pro helps you understand what your baby's cries may mean, thanks to its advanced CryAssist technology powered by Zoundream.
Other sounds are eliminated, and you'll receive a notification as soon as your baby starts to cry. The cries are automatically analysed against a growing database of soundwaves, then instantly identified and translated into five different types of cry: Sleepy, Fussy, Hungry, Gassy or Agitated. You'll receive tips on how to best comfort your baby, including soothing sounds. The streaming data is fully encrypted and therefore safe & secure to use.
The Maxi-Cosi See Pro Baby Monitor is designed to complement modern home interiors. The See Pro’s curved edges and soft natural colours blend perfectly to create a soothing, calming environment for your baby to sleep. The included wedge mount offers a 30° tilt down angle. You can choose to either place your baby monitor on any sufficiently high item of furniture, or wall mount it, to always keep a close eye on your little one.

Mum & Baby Sweet Dreams Gift set, Childs Farm

Mum & Baby Sweet Dreams Gift Set
Give the perfect gift to any expectant or new parent, a moment of self-care for mum alongside a calming bedtime routine for baby. A curated selection of the Sanctuary Spa Wellness Range and the dreamy SlumberTime- range from Childs Farm.

Sanctuary Spa
Once little one is tucked up in bed, it’s time for a moment of self-care with Sanctuary Spa. The heavenly blend of Jasmine, Violet & Sandalwood is scientifically proven to help you fall asleep faster.
The two-step routine is a fast-track to calm with a nourishing honey-like texture shower oil to take them from tired out to time out. With 48-hour moisture for their skin to ensure every precious moment of self-care counts. Finish up with a heavy slather of decadently rich body butter which is full of skin-pleasing oils and butter, leaving skin cocooned in a sleep enhancing scent.

Childs Farm
Help prepare little one for a restful night’s sleep with Childs Farms SlumberTime- three-step routine. This gentle lavender and moon milk scented regime combines DreamScentz- sleep enhancing fragrance technology along with nature’s skin nourishing ingredients to help aid sleep and moisturise precious skin.
Start the routine with the velvety bath soak, then lock in moisture with the calming massage lotion, with 24-hour moisturisation, and finally make bedtime magical with the sleep mist.

* DreamScentz- is a trademark of Givaudan


Helping your baby learn how to fall asleep and resettle after waking is the foundation of a lifetime of restful sleep. With a soft-glow nightlight, intelligent CrySensor and soothing sounds and lullabies, this cute and cuddly night-time companion will help you and your baby to get a good night’s sleep. Ollie’s plush fur is super soft for little fingers to touch and explore, and as he’s machine-washable, he will always be in a clean cuddle condition. His sleepy moon shaped eyes and soft, squishy tummy with star, heart and moon design make him a best friend that baby will forever love to the moon and stars. Ollie can be easily attached to the outside of your baby’s cot, car seat or push chair using the handy hanging loop. Important: Place your light and sound sleep aid near your child, but never in the cot or other sleeping space with them.