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Best Pregnancy Supplement

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Best Pregnancy Supplement

2024 Nominees

Pregnacare Plus

Pregnacare Plus contains Pregnacare Original tablets including 400μg folic acid and 10μg vitamin D, as recommended by the HSE for any woman of child-bearing age, plus Omega-3 fish oil capsules in a dual pack. Provides Omega-3 fatty acids - 300mg DHA and 60mg EPA. Contains high purity pharmaceutical grade fish oil.

Proceive Pregnancy

Proceive is a range of scientifically formulated supplements careful tailored for each stage of conception and pregnancy. The Proceive Pregnancy range was developed to meet the nutritional needs of each trimester, supporting both mother and baby throughout pregnancy. Each product has a core base of nutrients including Folic Acid, in the L-Methylfolate form, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Iron and Zinc.