Top Tips from MAM – Introducing a bottle

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Top Tips for Introducing a bottle

By Naomi Saunders

Top 5 Tips!

Tip 1 –When first introducing a bottle, use taste familiarity to your advantage and give expressed breast milk. Always follow guidelines for storing breast milk which can be found on the HSE website 

Tip 2– It is important to remember that breast milk is produced on a supply and demand basis. If you are reducing the amount of breast milk you need, your milk supply will change. Keep your milk supply up, by expressing in-between feeds. Whenever I had a spare 10 minutes, I would use my 2-in-1 MAM pump. It was quick and easy to use, especially with the electric setting. Buy MAM Electric Single Breast Pump with Rechargeable Battery – MAM UK (

Tip 3- Decide on one feed to replace with a bottle and implement the same routine each day. This will help your milk supply slowly adjust to a change in your milk usage. The familiarity will also acts as feeding cue for your baby.

Tip 4– If your baby is refusing a bottle, ask someone else to deliver the feed. This means your baby will not be able to smell your milk.

Tip 5 – Do not wait until your baby is hungry, seize your chance when they are in a happy mood. Playing with the bottle teat in their mouth is a great way to develop confidence in bottle feeding.

My bottle recommendation is the MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle. The flat, soft teat ensures an easy transition for breast to bottle. MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Self Sterilising Bottles – Newborn – 6 Piece – MAM UK (

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