5 things No One Tells You About Being Pregnant

By 05/04/2018 Uncategorised

We can safely assume that if you’re on this blog, you’re on a research mission and looking for answers. If you ask the internet a question, you’re guaranteed an answer, however algorithms can take you down the same old beaten tracks. We have therefore come up with a list of the top five things that no-one tells you about being pregnant. Don’t worry, none will add to the fear mongering.

1.Freckle Face

Your body will change a lot during pregnancy, some of these changes will be obvious and some more subtle. Though the bump tends to take centre-stage, mothers have noticed another less conspicuous symptom; freckles. That’s right, many expectant mums have thought they were imagining things, seeking reassurance on pregnancy forums only to find that they’re not the only ones. The change in skin pigmentation comes from an increase in hormones. They are totally normal and as a bonus, freckles are very in so you’ll be on trend without even having to try.

2.The eating for two myth

We often fantasise about guilt free eating we’re pregnant but sadly, this is a myth. We’re sorry to kill the dream but the importance of a balanced diet is more important now than ever before. Weird cravings are a fact of life but the idea that we need to eat for two is not a well advised. To make sure that you and baby are getting the nutrients that you need, eat a wide variety of food from each food group. They say that typically you will need to eat an extra 300 calories in your second trimester and 500 in your third trimester. Make sure you’re sourcing good calories but don’t deny yourself the odd treat too.

3.The ‘bounce-back’ takes time

It makes sense that our body snaps back into shape when we deliver, right? We’re afraid not! Give your body time, it’s just performed the miracle of life and it’s well overdue a little break. Don’t forget to pack a pair of maternity trousers in your hospital bag and more importantly, don’t get depressed when they still fit. People often feel the need to rush back into exercise but please listen to your body. It’s advised that you start with a gentle walk around your neighbourhood and keep it mild till your 6-week check-up at least.

4.Dreaming big and dreaming weird

The good old hormones are at their tricks again but this time it can actually be fun. Women report having really vivid dreams during pregnancy with amazing colours and some crazy storylines. The fluctuation in hormones can really ramp up your emotions, even when you’re asleep. Your weird dreams may also reflect the big changes in your future and all the things that come with it. From weird to scary to hilarious, it’s going to be an interesting journey so make sure to keep a dream journal so you don’t lose track of these gems.

5.Pregnancy nostalgia

From the day you find out you’re pregnant, the countdown begins. You spend 9 months ticking off your calendar and excitedly getting ready for the day that can’t come fast enough. You lament the changes in your body, the fatigue, the strangers patting your stomach, the cravings and the maternity wear but when it’s all over, you might kind of miss it. This has been your identity for 9 months and then suddenly overnight, it’s all gone. You will absolutely have enough on your plate with the new arrival which means that you’ll be obliged to live for moment and seize the day.