Top 10 Tips For Surviving Night Feeds!

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Top Ten Tips For Surviving Night Feeds

By Naomi Saunders MAM Feeding Consultant

Top 10 Tips!

No one, no book, no nothing can prepare you for the prolonged periods of chaotic sleep you are set to experience in early parenthood. Whilst there is no denying night feeds are a beautiful part of being a mum, they can be mentally challenging. From surviving two babies worth of broken sleep, I can reassure you that there is nothing you do with a new-born will have a negative impact on how your little one sleeps as a toddler. Don’t be drawn into articles which push fast solutions. Night feeds are about forgetting the rules, going with the flow.

  1. Low lighting – because atmosphere is everything and sleepiness is one mood you don’t want to ruin.
  2. Avoid nappy changes– of course, a cuddle is irresistible, but try to keep the mood low and avoid anything too stimulating.
  3. Don’t forget to burp– do not make the mistake of laying your baby down without getting up that all important burp.
  4. Entertainment– I survived both sets of night feeds by becoming addicted to several different box sets. Night feeds were my perfect opportunity to watch them and helped with staying awake. You could watch with headphones to avoid disturbing your baby.
  5. Snacks- because this is no time for watching the waistline – eating cake at 2am is perfectly acceptable. Anything to make it easier and if you’re breastfeeding this will help with your supply (that’s what I told myself anyway!).
  6. Ensure everything you need is within reaching distance– remote check, phone check, baby muslin check. Don’t get comfy before you have everything you need. Speaking from experience there is nothing worse than your baby being settled into a feed and realising you absolutely do need that chocolate bar.
  7. H20 – keep hydrated because well, is there anything water doesn’t help us with. It is so important at such an exhausting time to look after ourselves. You can’t pour from an empty cup so grab yourself a bottle.
  8. Comfort – you must make sure you are comfy to feed, as you need to be sat up until your baby is finished, position is everything. I used my large pregnancy v pillow to support my arms.
  9. Prep everything you may need before bed– bottle or breast feeding there will be a variety of things you need during the night. Have all of this to hand by the bed, I had a night-time caddy which I packed in the evening and kept by the mosses basket. Anything to streamline the process is a help. Some of the items I kept in mine were – breast pump, breast pads, bottles and formula (when combination feeding), muslins, cotton wool.
  10. Don’t make early plans – keep all your plans as close as you can to the afternoons- because mornings are for dressing gowns and as many hot drinks as you fit in.

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