Real mums spill the beans; top 5 secret confessions

By 22/09/2017 Uncategorised

There’s a longstanding image painted of motherhood which is idyllic and care-free, full of talcum fresh babies, deep in slumber. Every moment is a walk in the park and totally civilised but we know that real motherhood is a little more hard to predict. The love is certainly there but so are the sticky babies, Lego underfoot and putting Frozen on for the 11th time in one day. This blog is dedicated to the women of the world who are coming clean on their not so squeaky clean mothering habits. They’re real, reassuring and a breath of fresh air. Here’s our top five picks.

1.Coffee break meets bathroom break

There is a misconception that once kids are born that parents delight in their company at all times. What we’ve found is that parents become impressively creative at getting some time to themselves. The bathroom seems to be a common retreat with some parents really making their min-break worth their while with a cup of coffee. In saying that, it’s nice to have found someone who can’t get enough of your company, revel in feeling like the world’s best person.

2.When life throws you a challenge, you get creative  

We’ve all been there, you have .5 of a second to clean the house before someone calls over but your baby has somehow got their hands on your make-up and there’s spaghetti hoops all over the kitchen. The old you may have lost it but ‘new mom you’ knows exactly what to do. You’re resourceful and you take no prisoners. Wet wipes are a helpful go-to, we find Waterwipes, are best saved for tiny faces as they’d be wasted on a sticky surface, unless that sticky surface is a face. It’s not surprising kids see their mothers as superwomen given the things they get done in the blink of an eye.

3.Comfort is king

So you made a promise to yourself, once the baby is born, you will remain committed to dressing just like before, why sacrifice your personal style? Reality comes a knocking and you might find yourself in leggings more than you intended. Our advice; don’t sweat the sweat pants, do you and be comfortable. On the days that glam is what you’re craving, check out Chiq Maternity for gorgeous outfits designed for before, during and after pregnancy. Have fun with your style and you can’t go too far wrong.

4.White lying your way through the early years

We, as parents will impart a lot of wisdom onto our kids. We help to shape them into the people they are going to be. We are mostly responsible with this power but… we also tell the odd lie, sometimes to help our impressionable children to make sense of a complex world, but often to make life a small bit more convenient for everyone else. Whether it’s that all their favourite TV characters are asleep when it’s bedtime or that adult food is ‘yuck’, we all have our fibs but promise to come clean once they’re older.

5.Goodbye boundaries

Somewhere at the beginning of our teen years we began to develop strict boundaries and personal space which we carry around with us, making sure we don’t sit too close to people on the bus or share the same fork as someone when suddenly; kids come along. They tear those walls down and there’s nothing better. One day you’re avoiding eye contact with people on the train and the next you’re eating chocolate off your child’s head, it creates new levels of closeness that we all need. If you sense your baby becoming frustrated with this new arrangement, protect his head with one of the adorable hats from Kid’s Hats and More.