Ready For Lift Off – 5 Things You Need In Your Hospital Baby Bag

By 27/03/2018 Uncategorised

D Day is fast approaching and you’re feeling ready. You’ve attended anti-natal classes, you’ve painted the room a neutral colour, you’ve baby proofed the kitchen and gotten the dog mentally prepared for the new arrival. Now all that remains is your pregnancy bag, what do you pack? We know that your head is probably in 10 different places so to give you a bit of grounding, we’ve compiled a list of the things that you’ll most likely need for your visit.

1.  Baby’s First Outfit

So let’s start with our favourite; baby’s first outfit. Pick carefully because this is the ensemble that your baby wears to greet the world and his/her enthusiastic relatives will be pretty snap happy for the first six months at least. Since baby doesn’t have their own sense of style yet, their outfit is fully your call so go wild and live vicariously. We’d recommend something warm but maybe lose and comfortable too, make sure they don’t lose any heat out of that tiny head of theirs.

2. Some Light Entertainment

The hospital wait can be long so make sure that you pack something to read, crosswords or some music to listen to. There are some amazing podcasts out there which help to pass the time and take your mind of things so have some line up before you head in. Make sure you have some magazines too, anything light for when you’re too tired to focus on a storyline. If you’ve found yourself drawn to meditation and relaxation during your pregnancy, make sure you have your apps and downloads handy for when you need a little zen time.

3. Cosy Clothes

Now that your No.1 guy or girl has been looked after, it’s time to get your comfy clothes sorted. Considering that you’ll be doing a lot of pacing, a comfortable dressing gown is a baby bag must-have. Pack your favourite yoga pants or PJs for the recovery days because relaxation is an awful lot easier when you feel more at home. Also, hospital clothes aren’t famed for their comfort so make sure you have comfy clothes for the duration of your stay.  Also make sure that your PJs have a front opening if you want to breast feed, ten times easier than a closed shirt. Finally, pack some backless slippers because they’ll be good to your feet, no matter what size they’re at.

4.  Potions and Lotions

No two girls are the same when it comes to their beauty regime but allow us to make some toiletry suggestions;


  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Cleanser
  • Shampoo, conditioner and body wash
  • Moisturiser- face and body
  • Lip balm
  • Hand-cream
  • Hair brush
  • Hair ties/ hair-band
  • Nipple cream/shields
  • Deodorant

5.  Snack Time

You might not know how long you’ll be in hospital for so come prepared with snacks and drinks or get ready to spend a fortune in vending machines. You will probably get your main meals in hospital but if you’re in need of little pick-me-ups, we suggest; glucose drinks like Lucozade are good for a much needed energy boost when food isn’t on the agenda, oranges are excellent for leaving you feel rejuvenated in a dry hospital ward, granola and flapjacks are fab for a sugar boost and energy lift without being too unhealthy, dried fruit can be vitamin rich and doesn’t go off, and digestive biscuits are great for those with queasy bellies who need some classic comfort. Finally, don’t forget water, labour is thirsty work!