Ireland’s Top 5 Most Popular Baby Names

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Picking the perfect baby name can be polarising but it always makes for a great debate so get in as many opinions as possible. When you’ve had your fill of friend’s advice, we’ve devised a list of the most popular baby names in Ireland. The classics are still holding strong but there are also some more exotic choices gaining traction. Check them out below and they’ll hopefully offer some inspiration for your family’s newest member.



A solid classic with many variations, he won’t be short of abbreviations which is something to consider when deciding this name. His second name might go nicely with James but will it fit with the James spin-offs? A lot of the time the little boy’s personality will determine what version he ends up with. Is he set to be a Jim, a James or a Jimmy ?


Conor, an Irish name which translates loosely into ‘lover of dogs’ is a timeless classic, easy to pronounce but steeped in Irish heritage. It’s easy to see why it’s been on the top 5 list for so many years now.


Sean, Irish for John has so many spelling variations that your boy can reinvent himself whenever the mood strikes. The classic ‘Sean’ spelling is nicely traditional and shouldn’t bring too much bother pronunciation wise until he leaves the country.


Daniel has been popular as a boy’s name since the 70’s and its popularity doesn’t seem to be waning with it making top 10 lists year after year. Like James, it’s a versatile name so it doesn’t feel overly common.


Jack is still secure in its number one spot here in Ireland. The name feels quite modern and suits everyone from young to old. ‘Jack’ went through a lot of transitioning to get to its current state, moving from John to Johnkin to Jankin to Jackin, before finally resting at Jack.



Interestingly, parents have been keeping traditional with their boy’s names but opting for non-conventional names when it comes to their little girls. Fifth on our list is  Amelia which is a powerful Victorian name with Amelia Earhart acting as a great name-sake for your little girl to aspire to.


The name Lucy has an enchanting origin, deriving from the Latin word Lux, meaning light. As its meaning suggests, Lucy is a fun and feminine name which is sure to inspire lightness in your little girl.


Ava is a simple, stylish and glamorous name gaining mainstream popularity since Hollywood couples started to choose it for their little girls in recent years. Ava apparently comes from the Latin word ‘Avis’ meaning bird so the name has ancient origins despite its sleek and modern appeal


This extremely elegant name has divine origins and has become really popular amongst Irish parents. The name also has links with Greek mythology, stemming from beauty and joy. With endless cultural references, your little girl will have an iconic status from day one.


A strong literary name, Emily has stood the test of time and currently holds the number one spot for girls here in Ireland. What is it about Emily that’s so appealing? It’s simple, elegant, tasteful but still has a warm, friendly ring to it.