How to help Colic

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Colic and Infant Massage

Whilst all babies cry because crying in the early days is their only means of communication, there can be a point that the crying becomes excessive. This is where we move into an umbrella term of ‘colic’.

What is colic?

Colic is a common condition which effects 1 in 5 infants during their first few months. The cause of colic is unknown, but symptoms suggest a gut sensitivity which can include abdominal pain, trapped wind and indigestion. Some signs your baby might be suffering from colic are lots of crying with no obvious cause, clenching fists, red in the face, bringing up their knees and arching their back.

How can I help my baby with symptoms of colic?

Baby massage can also have a calm effect on both a baby and a mum suffering with the symptoms of colic. The rythmatic motions will help to soothe your baby and help you to feel more relaxed.

Baby massage is safe from any age, some parents prefer to wait until their baby is 6 weeks old, when they are in more of a routine and their behaviour is more predictable.

Anti-colic bottles

Swallowing air in milk during a feed is thought to be a significant factor in causing symptoms of colic, whilst we must eliminate as much air as possible from the bottle, some is still needed to ensure the teat does not collapse. Most bottles have a vent in the teat. Because of this vent you will be able to see the frothy milk due to air bubbles, which does mean baby will swallow some air.

However, the MAM anti colic bottle has a vented base. The vented base allows enough air in for a smooth flow and easy drinking but protects baby from swallowing extra air. 80% of mums using MAM bottles found a reduction in colic symptoms.




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