Bump fashion- 5 tips on pregnancy style

By 06/10/2017 Uncategorised

Pregnancy is a time of transformation with one of the more practical changes taking place in the wardrobe. Every mother wants to feel comfortable while maintaining her own personal style so we take you through the top 5 tips on dressing for two.

1. Fitted out

Bigger and baggy clothes might seem like a good choice but they aren’t the only option. More snug fitting clothes can actually be more complimentary so don’t automatically shy away from the tighter fit. Maternity brand ‘Zippy’ have a range of maternity leggings and pants that are stylishly fitted for the days you want to enjoy a sleeker look.

2. Accessories are king

There are times when you won’t feel like your clothes taking centre stage and this is when accessories come in handy. They can easily jazz up an outfit and transform your mood in an instant without having to worry about the sizes as the months roll on. A fab handbag or statement scarf can really spice up an all-black outfit so don’t hold back when it comes to colour. Check out Amber SOS for some gorgeous and unique designs, they even do a kid’s range for matching accessories.

3. Stay True

The best advice for anyone when it comes to updating your pregnancy wardrobe would be to let your own style be your guide. The important thing here is to feel confident and comfortable so don’t feel you need to deviate from your personal style. Gone are the days of generic maternity wear, thanks to businesses like Chiq Maternity, you can stay true to your own dress sense, comfortably. From casual pieces to evening wear, these guys have really recognised that it’s just as important to feel good during pregnancy as any other time.

4. Ride the trainer wave

For the days when you’re on your feet or just need more comfort, don’t hesitate to team up your favourite dress with a pair of runners. Trendy sneakers have taken the world by storm so give your favourite dress a funky lift with a pair of trainers which will ensure you look on trend and stay comfortable.

5. Seamlessly Stylish

The last thing you need during pregnancy is to outgrow your wardrobe too regularly because your baby will undoubtedly have this routine covered. To avoid this churn, choose some items without seams which mean you can keep growing without showing. Mothercare are longstanding experts in maternity wear and have the elegant but comfy outfit down. These clothes are designed to last so you don’t feel like you’re out of pocket after one or two wears.