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  • Zazu – DEX


    Dex the dog is a musical soft toy comforter, that calms and soothes your newborn baby by playing 6 different pre-set relaxing sounds such as mimicking a mum’s heartbeat, white noise, nature sounds and 3 kinds of lullabies. After 10 minutes the music shuts off automatically. Optionally, the cry sensor and/or shake sensor will switch on the last played sound if your baby wakes up in the night.

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  • Zazu – Wall Light


    This innovative wall light with small magnetic plush animals Fay, Rex and Otis could create a comforting environment in your child’s bedroom. Wave your hand under the wall light to turn it off / on.

    Hold your hand still under the wall light’s sensor to adjust the brightness. Change colour? Simply tap on the wall light to choose from white, orange, red, pink, blue, turquoise, green and multi-colour. 

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  • Zazu Projector – CODY


    Cody the crab turns your little one’s bedroom into a magical underwater world. Cody projects swimming fish and moving waves on your ceiling while playing relaxing melodies such as ocean sounds, mimicking a mum’s heartbeat and lullabies.


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