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  • Doomoo Cocoon


    Designed with safety, comfort and cosiness in mind, the Cocoon is completely breathable around the baby’s head allowing air to circulate during sleep ensuring the safety of the child during the transition from belly to bed! Suitable from birth with opening end for those ever-growing legs.

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  • Doomoo Dream Cotton Blanket


    The ultimate companion for your newborn or ever-growing baby! Using the softest organic cotton, this blanket is sure to be a source of warmth, comfort and relaxation to your baby. Lined with the softest polyester fibre. Available in a range of different designs.

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  • Doomoo Snoogy


    Ideal to aid sleep and relaxation whilst offering comfort to your little one. The rapeseed emits a comforting warmth whilst the lavender emits a soothing smell to help your baby drift off to sleep. When on the tummy, the Snoogy helps to naturally relieve cramps or soothe discomfort relating to colic.

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  • Doomoo Softy


    The ideal multi-functional pillow designed for both mum and baby aiding relaxation by allowing the baby to lie in total comfort whilst wrapping around the waist of the adult. Perfect for both breastfeeding and bottle feeding mums giving a real sense of well-being. Available in a range of designs.

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  • Medela Breastfeeding Starter Kits


    All the most popular breastfeeding accessories in one bundle! This gives women a great kickstart to their breastfeeding journey whether exclusively breastfeeding or expressing in conjunction with breastfeeding. The perfect solution for sterilising accessories, collecting, storing and feeding milk while caring for your baby.

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  • Medela Easy Expression Bustier


    Created for hands-free expression, the Medela bustier makes pumping simple and convenient. Strapless design with no-slip support keeps bustier reliably in place. Ideal for mums who are caring for children or simply want to relax while pumping!

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  • Medela Freestyle Flex Breastpump


    The innovative pump that’s designed specifically for you! The light, compact design and USB-chargable battery give mums the flexibility to express wherever or whenever you need without compromising on performance. Connect to the MyMedela app and check your baby’s progress at the touch of a button.

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  • Medela Hydrogel Pads


    Medela Hydrogel pads provide constant relief from sore nipples by attaching to the skin offering a protective, cooling cushion. During the first week or so, mums may experience nipple tenderness, which can be related to normal postpartum skin changes or breastfeeding complications. Individually wrapped and reusable for 24 hours.

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  • Medela Swing Flex Breastpump


    Perfect for quick, efficient expression whenever needed. The new PersonalFit Flex is a whole new pumping experienced personalised to you all while resulting in 11% more milk! The 2-phase technology mimics babies’ sucking for a more natural pumping experience. Ideal for mums who want to share feeding with a partner.

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  • Medela Swing Maxi Flex Breastpump


    For those mums who need another bottle in half the time, the 2-phase technology mimics the natural suction of a baby. With Flex Technology allowing for 4% more breast drainage and offering ultimate comfort, double expressing will result in on average 18% more milk.

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