Whether it’s learning to float, doggy paddle or just splish splash check out the best baby swim classes below


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"Water confidence builds life confidence. Water Babies leading swim programme has been developed to build water confidence and life skills throughout your little one’s first five years.

Every lesson has been developed to help nurture the physical and emotional development of babies’, by using their natural affinity with water.

You’ll love nothing more than seeing their progression as your little one moves from fun floating, kicking and splashing to swimming independently. And not only will your little one develop key aquatic skills, but we’ll also give them the knowledge to keep themselves safe. By the end of their journey, your child will be able to independently swim to the side and climb out to safety, wherever they are.

And with us, you’re learning from the best. Our teachers are the only ones who can hold Swim England’s highest qualification in baby swimming. And they’re the most passionate around, ready to guide you and your little one at every breath, kick and stroke of their journey.
Focused time in the water also strengthens the bond between you and your baby, through that skin-to-skin contact in the comforting warmth of the water. It’s the perfect place to connect, away from the craziness of daily life.

Because you baby is more confident in the water, the more confident they’ll be out of it too. So what are you waiting for? When they’re ready, we’re ready!"


"Our classes have a strong focus on teaching lifesaving skills from a young age. We help Babies and Toddlers learn the skills they need to help keep them safe in and around water, until they are able to swim independently.
We teach parents to teach their Babies or Toddlers to swim at a pace that is right for them, in a gentle progressive way.
Our classes provide a non-competitive environment that fosters strong bonding, trust, respect and communication, leading to a lifelong love of the water."