One of the most important things for baby (and new parents)… sleep! We all have our own tips and tricks but what’s the best sleep product you couldn’t live without?


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"We understand the benefits of a good night’s sleep. That’s why we developed a routine that is clinically proven to help your baby sleep better**.

Before bed, treat your baby to a warm bath using our JOHNSON'S® Bedtime Bath. Then gently massage skin with our JOHNSON'S® Bedtime Lotion and follow with quiet time.

We only choose high quality ingredients that are gentle for baby. That’s why we’ve rejected over 400 ingredients that don't meet our Best for Baby- Standards.

JOHNSON’S® Bedtime Bath
- Hypoallergenic*
- Paediatrician and dermatologist-tested.
- Free from dyes, parabens and sulphates.
- Our NO MORE TEARS® formula is as gentle to the eyes as pure water.
- With soothing NaturalCalm- essences.
- Routine tested with baby sleep experts.
- Gently cleanses to leave delicate skin feeling healthy.

*formulated to minimise the risk of allergies
**JOHNSON'S® 3-step clinically proven routine consists of bath, gentle massage and quiet time. Tested on babies 7 months +, 1 week+ use.
Available in: 300ml and 500ml"

MAM Night Soothers

MAM Night soothers glow extra bright at night-time, making them easy to find in the dark with little disturbance to your little one. The MAM SkinSoft TM teat feels completely familiar with a proud 94% acceptance rate* and is designed with a symmetrically shaped teat, meaning they are always in the right position. Because babies grow quickly, MAM Soothers come in three different sizes that are ideal for healthy jaw and teeth development. Packed in the convenient Steriliser box, our MAM Soothers are great for parents on the go as they can be sterilised anywhere. *Market research 2010-2019, tested with 1,463 babies.


"As parents, we know that sleep is of the greatest importance to a baby’s development. With this in mind, we have developed our ClevaSleep® Baby pod to give your little one a safe and snug sleeping environment while allowing you to stay close to your baby. The luxuriously soft pod can be used in a crib or cot for sleeping, resting, tummy-time, nappy-changing, playing and lots of cuddles.
The ClevaSleep® pod is lightweight and portable, making it very easy to carry around the house, for overnight stays or for those well-deserved breaks away.
The ClevaSleep pod inner mattress is made with our advanced ClevaFoam technology. This has been scientifically proven to support and protect your baby's rapidly growing little body and the round shape of your baby’s head to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly).
ClevaFoam® with its open cell structure is 100% breathable, has significantly reduced heat retention and is remarkably lightweight. For your baby’s comfort and safety, it is hypoallergenic, pH balanced, toxin and formaldehyde free, making it suitable for babies with asthma and allergies.
Here’s what Mums had to say about our ClevaSleep Pod:
“It makes a parents life convenient with a demanding baby and you can tell that ClevaMama has thought about the needs of the baby and parent. “"


"Every parent knows that sleep plays a big part in their baby’s development. In fact, babies generally spend 50% of their time in deep sleep so choosing the right mattress is so important.
Founded on safe, secure sleep for your baby, the Pocket Sprung mattress contains our unique ClevaFoam technology, designed to reduce pressure on the back of your baby’s head by up to 50% and increase support by up to 80%, decreasing the risk of Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).
The open cell structure makes it breathable, hypo-allergenic and toxin free, ensuring baby is safe and comfortable. ClevaFoam was developed in conjunction with Trinity College, Dublin and is OEKO-TEK tested to ensure it meets the highest safety standards.
The ClevaFoam Pocket Sprung Mattress includes the following features:
• Up to 362 durable adaptive pocket springs, hypoallergenic and infused with baby-safe antifungal and anti-mite treatments
• Reduced heat retention to ensure your little one is cool and comfortable while they sleep
• Super soft, breathable, easy to remove machine-washable cover has a reverse zip for safety.
• 3 year guarantee
Here’s what Mums said about this product:
“I love the concept and wish this had been available when my son was younger. Everything from being hypoallergenic to helping to prevent Flat Head Syndrome gives peace of mind.”
“I was immediately taken by how soft and luxurious the mattress felt. The mattress fitted the cot perfectly”"


"Welcoming baby gently into the world, providing them with a comforting, reassuring, well-defined space which reminds them of the mother's womb, the Cocoonababy helps the Newborn to adapt as best as to possible life following birth. The semi-foetal, slightly curved position which baby adopts in the cocoon, soothes, reassures and helps to limit the onset of the principal troubles which may bother them during his first months. The Cocoonababy is an ergonomic cocoon which repositions the child in the semi foetal position he adopted in his mummy’s tummy. The semi-foetal position of the Cocoonababy helps limit concerns occurring during the first months."


Formerly known as Sleepyhead, The DockATot Deluxe+ dock is an award-winning multifunctional docking station for babies 0-8+ months old. The Deluxe+ dock is the ideal spot for babies for supervised lounging, playing, resting, cuddling, diaper changes and tummy time. Created to mimic the womb and voted as a must-have baby product from parents around the world, it can be used around the house and is ideal for travel. The Deluxe+ dock adheres to strict standards to ensure a safe environment for little ones. Made in Europe. Features include air permeability and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certification (testing for harmful substances).


"The ingenious Love To Swaddle UP combines all the benefits of a traditional swaddle with the ease-of-use and safety of a sleepsuit. The soft, clingy fabric around the baby replicates the feeling of being in the womb, while arms are up in a natural position and hips are free to wriggle and move.
The Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original is a Stage 1 sleepsuit featuring ARMS UP and ’hip-healthy’ design that works with your baby’s natural sleeping position to give both parent and child a restful night’s sleep."


"Does your child fall asleep in your arms but doesn’t want to settle in bed? Meet Dex the dog, the musical soft toy from Zazu Kids.

Dex the dog is a musical soft toy comforter from Zazu Kids. It calms and soothes your newborn baby by playing 6 different pre-set relaxing sounds. You can choose from a range of sounds such as mimicking a mum's heartbeat, white noise, nature sounds and 3 kinds of lullabies. Simply shake the device to turn it on and the music shuts off automatically after 10 minutes.

The cry sensor and/or shake sensor will activate the last played sound if your baby wakes up in the night. The removable sound module is powered by 3x AAA batteries. Once the sound module is removed, you could machine wash the soft toy at 40 degrees Celsius."