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The ClevaMama ClevaPure- Himalayan Salt Lamp is the baby accessory of your dreams. It has so many incredible features & benefits but let’s start with the fact that it’s a humidifier, nightlight AND aromatic diffuser in one!
When a baby is congested, humidifying the air with a cool mist can help to ease upper respiratory symptoms, soothe sore throats and help dry itchy skin while your baby sleeps.
The soft glow from the lamp works as a comforting night light, emitting a warm amber light throughout the room. Alongside the Himalayan salt crystals, which are renowned for their sleep-assisting properties, helping to create a calm, restful sleep environment for your baby by acting as a natural air purifier.
Finally to convert your humidifier to an aromatherapy diffuser, just add a few drops of essential oils to the water to aid relaxation and promote sleep.
Other features include, the auto-stop when the water runs out, three adjustable settings for light & mist levels and up-to 6 hours of continuous operation.


Coral 360 is the first modular 360° rotating baby car seat designed for ultra-lightweight carrying. Coral 360 is compatible with the FamilyFix 360 base, making it the ultimate innovative solution for your newborn as it can be easily rotated using only one hand. Designed to keep your baby close (from birth up to approx. 12 months), the modular design combines the highest i-Size safety standard with an easily detachable lightweight soft carrier weighing only 1.7kg, for total convenience.


Chicco’s Next2Me Forever is the first evolutionary 3-in-1 crib that can be used from birth to four years, offering extended side-sleeping.

Chicco Next2Me Forever can be used in three different configurations, offering a familiar sleep space for little ones as they grow. As well as the side-sleeping crib that parents have come to know and love, it can also be transformed into a standalone cot and then a toddler bed, from 18 months.

Thanks to the new design with higher sides, the bedside crib is approved for use in the side-sleeping mode for longer, allowing parents to keep their little one closer to them beyond six months. It also enables parents to move little one into a standalone cot when they feel is suitable.

As well as being the first crib to offer extended side-sleeping past six months, another new revolutionary feature is the patented side barrier system for maximum safety. This is activated by the buckles used to attach the crib to the parents’ bed, and prevents the side panel from remaining lowered unless it is securely fastened in the correct position in side-sleeping mode.

At 18 months, when little one is ready for their very first bed, the legs and side panel of the Next2Me Forever are simply removed to create a Montessori-style floor bed.

With foldable feet and 11 adjustable heights, as well as offering a tilt function to help ease reflux and aid digestion. The mesh windows provide enhanced airflow and improved visibility, whilst the firm but comfortable transpirant mattress is designed to keep the correct posture during the night.


"The Dreammaker- is a scientifically proven sound and light sleep aid that helps baby to sleep better by simulating ideal sleep conditions, rather than stimulating baby. Developed with a world-leading sleep laboratory and sleep scientists at Northumbria University in the UK, this unique, patent-pending sleep aid relaxes your baby, encourages them into a deep sleep and prolongs the length of their sleep.
A very quiet sleep environment is unfamiliar to babies and may make it harder for them to fall asleep. This innovative sleep aid for children features pink noise which mimics the sounds of natural noises which baby hears all day and thereby provides baby with a sense of calm and comfort. Incorporating pink noise provides a comforting background noise which aids in falling asleep faster, deeper and for longer.
Melatonin (the sleep hormone) is a naturally occurring hormone that your body produces in response to darkness and helps to control your sleep cycles. Exposure to light can supress the secretion of melatonin and delay the onset of sleep. Research has shown that compared to exposure to other lights on the spectrum, red light exposure has little to no effect on melatonin suppression. Our research has shown that a baby sleep solution that incorporates red light could help baby get to sleep faster, sleep longer through the night, and be minimally stimulating during night-time awakenings, making re-settling easier. Use as a nightlight when breastfeeding or bottle feeding during the night to keep disturbance to a minimum. Choose from 3 brightness levels to provide a comforting and relaxing glow that won’t disturb baby (or you) once asleep.
The rhythmical pulsing light waves encourage slow, deep breaths to relax the user ready for sleep. The first, faster pulse setting reflects baby’s resting breathing rate, helping to induce sleep in infants. The second, slower pulse mimics your resting breathing rate, helping you to drift off!".


Waterful baby wipes are 100% plastic free, 100% bodegradable and 100% compostable. Our baby wipes contain just two simple ingredients plus 99.9% water, breaking down in a matter of weeks, making them the best choice for our planet and your baby's future. Our dermatologically tested wipes are great for even the most sensitive of skin, containing no artificial chemicals. Waterful baby wipes are approved by AllergyUK, accepted by The National Eczema Association and certified by Leaping Bunny (No animal testing) and The Vegan Society.