An essential in any baby bag… the baby wipe! What’s the best wipe that works for you and your baby?


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"At Lidl our Lupilu baby wipes cater for both normal and sensitive skin. Our standard baby wipes are fragranced and are designed to gently soothe and cleanse the infant’s skin. The mild lotion with aloe vera gently cares for baby’s skin and helps protect it from dryness. These wipes are ultra-soft, absorbent, and extra tear resistant.
Our sensitive baby wipes are fragrance free and are produced with no added alcohol or colours and are naturally soothing when used on sensitive skin. They are also ultra-soft, absorbent, and extra tear resistant. Both types of wipes come in packs of 64."


"Thick, soft and biodegradable, Rascal + Friends sensitive wipes were developed with baby's skin in mind. Our wipes are perfect for cleaning up those little (and not so little) rascal messes.

With extracts of Aloe, Chamomile and Pomegranate, our wipes are made with a 99% natural formula, so that they are soothing and gentle on delicate skin. Extracts of aloe help hydrate baby’s skin, trapping in moisture. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile is a natural anti-inflammatory used to soothe and neutralise skin irritants. Pomegranate is rich in anti-oxidants and naturally helps fight skin inflammation

Specially developed to be pH balanced, fragrance free and hypoallergenic, our wipes have also been dermatologically tested with little one's skin in mind.

We are proud to say that our sensitive wipes are biodegradable, making them kinder on the planet, as well as little ones’ skin. Additionally, we have packaged our wipes with both the customer and planet in mind, ensuring that only one wipe comes out at a time, helping make life easier for parents as well as limiting wastage.

Our sensitive wipes are also PETA- certified cruelty free and vegan."


The AVEENO® Baby Daily Care Baby Wipes cleanse gently and efficiently. The wipes are mild & gentle, and can be used all over the body, even on sensitive skin. They leave baby's skin feeling hydrated & protected. The lotion on the wipes is made from 99% naturally derived ingredients. Formulated with natural oat extract and aloe, the AVEENO® Baby Daily Care Baby Wipes are pH-balanced and free from fragrance, soaps, dyes & alcohol. Suitable for new-born skin. Dermatologist and Paediatrician tested.


"WaterWipes, a global Irish brand, are the world’s purest baby wipes made with only two ingredients, 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract. Since January 2021 our wipes are 100% biodegradable*. WaterWipes were created by a concerned father looking for a better baby wipe after discovering his newborn suffered from nappy rash and sensitive skin. WaterWipes are one of the best-known and loved baby wipes brands in Ireland, produced in Drogheda, we are proud to say that our wipes are not only 100% biodegradable, plant based and compostable, put also proven to be purer than cotton wool and water, meaning parents no longer have to choose between what’s best for their baby and what’s best for the planet. As the number 1 wipes brand and category leader in Ireland**, with a value share of 30.4%, it’s a further demonstration of how much parents trust our product. To make the world’s purest baby wipes, we use a unique 7 stage water purification process that offers a deeper and more effective clean but remains gentle on the most sensitive skin. WaterWipes knows that parenting isn’t the picture-perfect version you usually see on social media, with no two days the same. At WaterWipes we not only care for baby’s skin but are also dedicated to supporting parents by changing the conversation and bringing honest and open conversations to the forefront. From all stages of pregnancy to birth and beyond we have built a strong community offering support from experts and parents alike.

* Within 12 weeks in an industrial setting/plant in accordance with EN13432. Wipe material. Parents should refer to their local council for details on disposing of baby wipes
**Nielsen Baby Wipes Performance by brand, MAT Value Sales, Period Ending: W 27/12/20"