Bathing Your Baby

By 28/09/2020 All Blogs, Baby

Bath time can be a very special bonding time with your baby and can help your baby to relax but it can also be a bit challenging and nerve wracking particularly if it is your first time!

  • Choose a time when your baby is not hungry, tired or straight after a feed. They will be more relaxed and calmer.
  • Make sure the room is warm as babies can get cold very quickly 
  • Be prepared – have everything you need to hand before you start – bath towel, nappies, cotton wool, creams vest and clothes blanket.  
  • Fill your baby bath, sink, or basin until it has reached 8cm to 10cm of water
  • Make sure the bath water is the right temperature, approx. 36 degrees Celsius. You can get a baby bath thermometer or simply use your elbow!
  • Before putting them in the bath, gently wash your baby’s head, face and bottom. 
  • Use a fresh piece of cotton wool with cool boiled water to gently clean each ear and each eye.
  • Make sure to clean around the base of your baby’s cord gently with some cotton wool and cooled boiled water. 
  • Gently place your baby in your baby bath or sink bath and softly clean them with a washcloth or sponge, enjoy talking to your baby and this special time with them.
  • Some babies may go to the toilet in the bath, things like this will happen, so have an extra towel handy if you need to take your baby out quickly.
  • When drying your baby pay particular attention to the folds of skin, make sure these are clean and dry before getting them dressed.
  • Remember to Never leave your baby unattended in or near water.

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Top Tips from our Mums:

  • Sing or talk to them, they love interactions during bath – Deepa
  • Floating toys do make my baby excited for bath time…splashing water while having interaction with baby in a fun way. Also not forgetting to sing along some kid’s bath songs to teach them how to clean and bath. – Jheaveen
  • Put the baby towel in the tumble dryer so they are warm and cosy for when you take your baby out of the bath. Be careful to ensure the towel is not hot just slightly warm – Ashy
  • A warm face cloth on their belly during the bath can help if they are crying – Martina

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