What to include in your hospital bag? We asked Ireland’s top Mummy Influencers

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You’ve had nine months to prepare and now, B-day is a couple of weeks away and the hospital bag still isn’t packed! Between picking potential baby names and baby-proofing your life, time seems to slip by. Never fear, because we sat down and chatted with 3 of Ireland’s top bloggers and all-around style & life gurus; Rosie Connelly, Grace Mongey and Lisa Jordan. The girls have kindly shared their baby bag essentials from their first-hand experiences in the maternity ward.

The Mummy Inlluencers 

Rosie Connolly Quinn is an Irish fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She accomplished influencer works alongside the likes of Andrea Roche on top of being a dedicated mum.

Faces by Grace  is a Dublin based make-up artist, blogger and devoted mum of two. The elegant influencer has also won VIP Style Award for most stylish online blogger.

Just Jordan is a professional makeup artist and fashion & image consultant from Cork who has set up her own amazing cruelty-free hair and beauty brand.

Baby Bag Essentials 

Isla Ulluv Pre Packed Bags

Grace Mongey of Faces by Grace managed to defuse the packing chaos by ordering pre-packed pregnancy bags.

“I had these amazing bags from an Irish brand called Ulluv, they came in three separate styles and then I knew which bags had what”.

These gorgeous bags come pre-packed so, you’re ready for anything and the timeless, beautiful design means that you can use them again and again to keep all your bits and bobs neat and tidy.


All the girls agreed that the hospital wards were like visiting the tropics. It’s great to keep the little ones warm and cosy but the hot air dries out your skin and lips. Lisa Jordan of Just Jordan said she that kept lip balm in her bag to keep those heat-cracked lips at bay. Also, the sterile world of a maternity ward isn’t great for hands. Lisa was relieved she thought to bring her hand-cream in her overnight bag and advises that you to do the same.

New baby means you have to have your hands sterile 24/7 with hand sanitizer, this can also dry out your hands so it’s nice to have so cream to rub on them, I popped some on my feet too.”

A Little Piece of Home

It can be hard to be away from your home comforts, especially if this is your first pregnancy. Rosie Connelly had some great advice and tells us that she packs a pillow to make the hospital feel a little more like home.

“Having something with the scent of home and something familiar calmed my nerves and made me feel relaxed and comfortable.” 

Why not pack your favourite cushion or pillow to make you feel more at ease? Handy for when you want to prop yourself up in bed and do some reading to pass the time too.

Comfy PJs

Even the most prolific fashionista take a break from the glam-life while they’re in the maternity ward. Again, the ladies agreed that the warm hospital ward are great for baby but mum is another story. Rosie said that she packed light PJs to stay cool and comfortable during the stay. She also packed a little face mist/ water spray to spritz her face down and stay as chill as possible in labour.

Sleep Nest

Packing your bag can be tricky because you’re really packing for two people, one of whom you haven’t formally met yet. Grace proved that she’s the queen of maternity-bag prep by thinking ahead with a sleep nest from Irish company Teepee Tots. The cute little nest was a life-saver

It was great for lying him on the bed while I had visitors. It meant I didn’t have to keep standing up to put him in the cot. I knew he was cosy and secure.”

Nothing beats a list!

Lists like these can be a god-send, especially for first-time mums who have no idea what to expect. Take the tips but also remember to make a list of your own. Every birthing experience is different so, make sure you consider what’s right for you. Think comfort and you’re definitely on the right track!

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