5 Ways To Get Active During Your Pregnancy

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Active During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing time of change but there are certain habits to embrace that might surprise you, such as; exercise! We’re not suggesting half marathons or intense weight lifting but there are plenty of activities to keep you active which has been proven to lead to fewer complications during childbirth and it helps to prepare muscles for the demands of pregnancy.

Here is a list of five of our favourite exercises that will have you feeling great and ready for anything.

1. Step It Up A Gear

Walking is the best cardiovascular exercise for pregnant women as it keeps you in shape without putting too much strain on your joints. It’s low maintenance, needs no equipment and can be done easily throughout your day by making some simple changes like walking to the shops instead of taking the car.

Download a good playlist and let the steps stack up. Walking is also a great exercise to incorporate into the time you spend with your baby. As the name implies, Out n’ About has a great range of prams, strollers and other equipment designed to let the active parent stay active so check them out and hit the local park.

2. Get The Swimsuit Out

Swimming is one of the safest exercises advised for pregnant women. It’s ideal in every way in that it provides a cardiovascular workout while making you feel weightless, reduces swelling and can be very relaxing and great for women with lower back pain.

The other perk with swimming is that after your baby is born, this can be a great activity for you both to get the muscles going and show your baby more of the world. Water Babies Swimming Classes give guided sessions for parents and babies so you can start an exciting new hobby together.

3. Yoga

Prenatal yoga has been proven to help mothers sleep better, reduce stress and increase flexibility and the physical endurance needed for pregnancy. The mindful pace of yoga also increases the connection that mothers have with the baby as they feel more in tune and connected with what is going on in their bodies.

There are also numerous mum and baby yoga studios in Dublin so you can get out and take part in classes specifically catering to you and your baby. These classes are fun and are a great place to meet other mums and have a bit of a chat along with your baby bonding relaxation.

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4. Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

We often see dancing as an activity reserved for nights out but we can tell you that it’s just as fun out of the club. Thankfully, gone are the days of prescribed bed rest for pregnant women which must have turned nine months into an eternity. For people looking to get out and meet new people, spend time with their partner or those who find the gym extremely boring, dance is a great way to keep fit, limber and have some fun.

5. On ye’r bike

Indoor cycling is a sure-fire way to get your heart rate going without putting too much pressure on knees and ankles and there’s also no danger of falling off so you can pedal to your heart’s content. If you’re feeling like more of a challenge then you can go along to your local indoor cycling class but do make sure that the instructor knows you’re expecting so that they don’t get mad if you want to take a breather. The indoor bike is really convenient if you want to get a quick 15-minute workout in when your baby’s asleep. Remember to drink lots of fluids during and after the workout!

‘Out n’ About’ and Waterbabies will all be at the Pregnancy & Baby Fair. Stop by and chat to one of their reps! 

Dublin Baby Fair 2017

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