5 Milestones All New Parents Go Through in The First Year

By 23/10/2017 Uncategorised
New Parents - Baby Milestones

The first 12 months of being a parent are a year of firsts. Every day brings something new so even through the exhaustion, there’s never a dull moment. There are certain experiences that will be totally unique to you and your baby but then there are the universal milestones that every parent will experience. We’ve gathered together a list of 5 parenting milestones that every parent can look forward to going through.  

1.First steps in the real world

You’ve had the first few big moments, your baby is here, they’ve had their first feed and their first night’s sleep(kind of), their first nappy change and their first tour of their new home. This will all make parenthood feel very real but what really makes it official is your first outing with your new baby. This is when you enter the real world as a parent, strangers will stop for a chat and you fully slip into your new-found role. Just because they don’t have words doesn’t mean your baby can’t make a statement. Clothing brand ‘Chaos and Harmony’ don’t do boring, their range of clothes are unique and full of personality, just like your little ones.

2.First real smile

A baby’s smile is one of the most heart-warming things you can experience but after about 6-8 weeks they take on whole new meaning because their regular baby smiles become ‘social smiles’. This is when the smile becomes a conscious gesture, an action of warmth that they are placing on you. It is one of the first truly human gestures and not one you’ll ever tire of. First time parents often wish that they’d taken more pictures so make sure you don’t miss the special moments like these. ‘Giggles and Smiles’ portrait studio are experts in catching those happy moments and keeping them natural so book in a session and get that first smile on record.  

3.Maiden voyage away from home

The last thing on your agenda as you leave the hospital is your next social outing but it will swing around faster than you think. It will bring mixed emotions; excitement at socialising and dressing up, nervous about leaving them at home for the first time, happy to mix things up and maybe a tiny bit guilty about not being there. All these feelings are natural and the important thing is to remember why you’re there; to enjoy yourself. Some useful tips on getting the most out of the night would be to; carefully pick your baby-sitter, choose your crew wisely ( do you want a mad or a quiet one?), relax and enjoy yourself.

4.And they’re off

There are probably few milestones in life as significant as the first steps. All kids vary with timing as some tend to be content with pulling themselves around or with standing up and surveying the world around them for longer than others. This means the big step for mankind could come anywhere from their first birthday up to 18 months and beyond, depending on everything from genetics to their personality. The steps won’t arrive out of the blue , you’ll be able to see it coming as they begin to get more daring with their movements. When they get going, you’re going to need stamina to keep up so make sure you keep your immune system and energy levels in good shape. Stock up on supplements like the Active Iron range available in Boots which are great for new mothers and pregnant women who are regularly lacking in iron.

5.Your first Mother’s or Father’s day

Though they are totally unaware of this day’s existence, and they will probably forget it more than once in the teen years, it’s an amazing first for new parents. You get to make your new found role official and since they’re too tiny to get you a gift, make sure you mark this occasion with some kind of treat for yourself. In Touch Beauty in Dublin have a fabulous selection of spa treatments. They even do speciality maternity treatments which can be the perfect treatment for new or expecting mums.