5 ways to look after mental health and wellbeing in first year

By 10/10/2017 All Blogs

Babies are a blessing but they don’t care much for routines or personal plans. It’s therefore important to take the time to check in with yourself. This can be a tough one to juggle so we’ve put together five tips in balancing baby with mental health for parent’s in their first year.


Good mental wellbeing starts with a strong social circle who are good for a chat, friendly advice and to bring a sense of perspective. The chances are, your experiences are shared by most first-time mothers so keep your social network strong and make time for having a laugh and swapping your stories.

2.Project Prioritisation

There are certain projects that we’re passionate about but we know that they’ll demand a lot of time and energy. Instead of trying to throw ourselves into them when we don’t have time or rather than abandoning them altogether, we should just plan to put them on hold and know that we can return to them when our routine becomes a little more relaxed.

3.Make no comparisons

It’s human nature to compare our lives and our general performance to those around us but it never helps so have confidence in your abilities and go with what feels right. Do your research, ask questions, go with your gut and remember that no matter how composed other people look, we’re all winging it.

4.Sleep co-ordination

It’s often impossible to get the right amount of sleep and your pattern can become anything but routine. The soundest age-old advice is to try to co-ordinate with your baby and sleep when they sleep. It might be tempting to catch up with friends or on work when the baby is asleep but if you can, take this time to catch up on sleep or even just rest because when they’re awake, they’re awake.

5.Get moving

When we exercise our body releases endorphins which is a terrific way to feel energised and balanced. Time can often be an issue but why not incorporate exercise into time with your baby? Get into the habit of evening walks or check out more new-age techniques like baby yoga, making baby part of your yoga routine. If this doesn’t float your boat, get your baby down to the local pool for a splash about. Swimwear company, ‘Baby Swimmer’ have an adorable range of swimsuits and accessories for kids so you’ll both have a ball splashing around.