5 Life Hacks For Busy Mums

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Full Time Parent

Being a parent is a 24/7 job, which is particularly hard to manage in the first few months of being a mum.

Learning the delicate balancing act of motherhood is tricky! Trying to give your baby your full attention while simultaneously looking after yourself and maintaining good relationships with your partner, friends or family is no easy feat.

Because every minute is precious, we look at 5 simple ways you can make your life easier.

1. Cook Ahead

Set aside a couple of ours on the weekend to batch cook for the week and take pressure off weekday meal times. Pasta bakes, curries and stews are perfect for putting in the freezer and breaking out mid-week.

You can also pre-prepare your baby’s meals. Simply fill ice-cube trays with baby food and put them in the freezer. Once solid, pop them into sandwich bags and keep them in the freezer. Voila! Perfectly proportioned baby meals ready to be heated up.

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2. Save Up Your Errands

Avoid unnecessary trips and time wasting by making one day a week your designated errand day. Unless your errand is absolutely time sensitive, put it on your to-do list and get all your tasks done in one afternoon to avoid multiple trips.

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3. Pool Noodles Are Versatile

With our weather, we’ve no interest in using this swimming pool toy for it’s intended purpose. Instead, a simple pool noodle can be become very practical in keeping your baby safe around the home. They can be strategically sliced in a variety of ways to childproof your house on a budget.

Pop one on a door to prevent tiny fingers getting caught, or attach them to sharp edges of coffee tables and fire places. Possibilities are endless!

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4. Order Groceries Online

In 2017, there is absolutely no need to drive to the nearest supermarket to pick up your groceries. Why not try SuperValu’s home delivery service? Order online and the SuperValu team will handpick and home deliver your groceries for a small fee. When ordering online, you’ll still be able to avail of great special offers and even save your favourites for next time.

Find out more at SuperValu.ie.

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5. Get Organised!

Just like meals, plan ahead for the week by picking out your baby’s clothes in advance and laying them out in a clothes organiser. You can buy a clothes organiser for very cheap, and you can customise it with the days of the week to allow for seamless dressing time!

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